Publishing Capabilities


At TOPICS Entertainment, we aren’t just another publishing company. We are retail publishing specialists with an expertise in every aspect of the product life cycle from designing a box to managing and promoting sales on the shelves of the world’s biggest retailers.

With more than 125 years experience on our executive team alone, TOPICS Entertainment boasts remarkable knowledge in product development, marketing, sales and the retail environment unlike any other publisher or distributor today. And, with nearly 50 employees and direct selling relationships with key retailers including Best Buy, Target, Costco Wholesale Club and Sam’s Club, we are big enough to get the job done, but small enough to give you and your product the attention you deserve.

In addition to selling to U.S. club locations, TOPICS can also direct or place products with Costco Mexico, Costco Canada, Sam’s Mexico, Sam’s Puerto Rico, and Costco International.


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